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                                                                               LEONARD KAHAN






2003            Printmaking Council of NJ.  Exhibited digital paintings in group show.

2003    Wash. Square East Galleries. Exhibited miniature digital paintings.

                                                2004            Digital paintings exhibited in Gallery in Athens, Greece

                                                2004            Watermark Cargo Gallery, Kingston, NY. Four digital paintings in group show.

                                                2006            Four paintings chosen along with Louise Bourgeois paintings and  other in NYC Gallery fund-raiser for Women’s Survival Space.

                                                2007            China photos and drawings (from 1976-77 and 2006) at Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, NY.  Large catalogue produced.

                                                2010            27 new digital paintings exhibited at Queensborough Community College, Art Gallery,  N.Y, executed mostly from sketches done abroad. Color catalogue produced.

`                        2013            Produced series of “roadline”  paintings in the Woodlands condo streets

2015            Printed book of 70 sketches done abroad over the last 15 years.

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